This is Michaela Watkins, and she's apparently the newest addition to the cast of Saturday Night Live, the ancient sketch comedy show that is relevant again because a) you can watch just the funny bits online and b) there was apparently a presidential election this year. (Ok fine and c) they have a good cast and it seems less terrible in its current incarnation than it did the last time everyone talked about how they were watching it again.) In the attached clip, Watkins is doing her audition bit: a pretty great impression of noted blog-runner and grudge-holder and Internet Doyenne Arianna Huffington! Hooray, making fun of Arianna Huffington will soon hit the mainstream! Click to watch.

Also joining the cast: Abby Elliott. Abby is 21, making her probably the youngest SNL regular since Anthony Michael Hall (we didn't bother to prove or source that, FYI). She's the daughter of comic genius Chris Elliott, who is, of course, the son of comic genius Bob Elliott. So she wasn't just hired because she's pretty. (The news was broken, of course, on former HuffPoor Rachel Sklar's Twitter.)