Yesterday you guys thought that the actor who got brutally rebuffed whilst trying to chat up a dame was Shia LaBeouf. I guess that lady saved herself from being brutally LaBeouf'd! Anyway, today we have a rapper with a very strict health food regimen, a gay basketball star!, an impotent fella, and a cheating husband. "Which hardcore rapper has banned all frozen food from his dressing room before he performs? His band are furious as he insists they stick to a celery and hummous diet." [Mirror] "This NBA star and when I say star, he is definitely All Star caliber is sleeping with this male B list actor from a Top 20 network drama. Yes, they say they are just friends, but it is way beyond that." [CDaN] "He is an actor who has been called one of the hottest men in the world. However, she is less than thrilled with the relationship. He has a problem in the bedroom. Even the little blue pill doesn’t work. She calls him “The Limp Noodle” or “Mr. Noodle” behind his back. Frustrated, but reluctant to leave him because being part of a celebrity couple has its perks, she has resorted to seeing an old boyfriend on the sly to satisfy her carnal needs." [BlindGossip] "Which proud new papa isn’t much of a family guy? The handsome actor, notorious for having a roving eye, was spotted leaving a downtown hot spot with the beautiful bartender." [NYDN] "What reality TV “star” was so desperate to have her barely watched show renewed that she agreed to a 70% pay cut for the second season?" [Sigh... Perez Hilton]