Barack Obama's historic presidential victory aroused so much emotion: Tears on an Oprah level, ecstasy on a spontaneous street party level and anger at a loudly-interrupt-an-old-war-hero level. So Newsweek can't help but ask... did it turn you on? And did you then have hot, hope-filled change sex, or maybe change-filled hope sex, possibly ending in someone yelling "Yes We Can?" Because, seriously, that would be perfect. Read the magazine's written inquiry after the jump.

Newsweek's Jessica Bennett sent the following query to flack Peter Shankman's Help A Reporter Out, the wildly successful service for matching attention-hungry experts with reporters desperate to make a point. We're guessing she was thinking of going to the far more appropriate Daily Kos first, but then realized she needed to talk to folks with a sense of humor. (She should have stuck with Kos and then just made fun of her sources, duh.)