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• You heard that Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day for threatening to kill his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife, right? Forget all about it, please. Really. According to Mueller, it was just "one bad night," she and Sheen really "love each other," and they're going to work out all their issues on their own, so she's asked a judge to drop the order of protection that she'd requested last week. Why the sudden turnaround? Rumor has it Sheen's willingness to renegotiate the couple's pre-nup may have encouraged Mueller to change her tune. [NYDN, NYP]
• Sorry, ladies: Rosie O'Donnell is officially off the market: The comedian has confirmed she's dating Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist and "inventor." And it seems the couple met thanks to Rosie's blog, since Tracy is a regular commenter on the site. Cute! [People, Gawker]
Susan Sarandon hasn't confirmed that she's dating Jonathan Bricklin, the three-decades-younger ping-pong aficionado who she was first linked to last week. But they were spotted sharing a late-night meal earlier this week. [P6]
• Right-wing blowhard (and longtime prescription drug user) Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital yesterday after complaining of chest pains. [NYP]

• Lindsay Lohan hasn't had the best run as Ungaro's "artistic adviser." But that isn't stopping her from branching out in the fashion biz. She's expanding her leggings line to include handbags, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics, which means you'll soon be able to have LiLo dress you from head to toe! How exciting is that? [People StyleWatch]
• The bickering over Jersey Shore continues. An Italian-American group opposed to the show has called Snooki an "embarrassment to the human race," although, in all fairness, it seems Snooks started the latest war of words by calling the group names first. [Us]
• Diddy is suing his landlord. It seems the company that owns the building in which his Fifth Avenue flagship is located put up some scaffolding in 2006, but never bothered to take it down, and it's cramping Diddy's style. [TMZ]
• Remember Kate Major, the former Star reporter who dated Jon Gosselin for a spell? Well, it looks like her taste in great men continues: She was seen partying it up with Michael Lohan. [ P6]
• Is Kate Hudson dating Owen Wilson (again) now that she's no longer with A-Rod? That's the rumor. [ShowbizSpy]
• Speaking of Hudson, her ex-husband and baby daddy, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, just had a new baby with his new wife. [People]
• Lady Gaga got smacked in the head with a bouquet of flowers while performing on stage, and it was caught on video if you'd like to see it. [TMZ]
• Rubina Ali, one of the child stars from Slumdog Millionaire, is homeless. For the second time in less than a year, no less. [Sun]
• Paris Hilton may be in a bit of trouble for stealing an "insole design" for her shoe line. [P6]
• Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn were named PETA's Woman and Man of the Year. Just in case you were interested in that bit of news. [Us]
Ivanka Trump has many gifts. Who knew the ability to travel across time and space was one of them? Zac Posen supposedly hosted a dinner for nine of his nearest and dearest, and Ivanka and Jared Kushner were among the guests. But the couple headed off on their honeymoon last week, and were bound for Mozambique as of yesterday. Go figure. [P6]