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Not that this should come as news, but socialite Tinsley Mortimer isn't really dating Constantine Maroulis, the long-haired sixth-place finalist on the fourth season of American Idol. It's a "showmance," which means Maroulis signed a contract with the CW to play the role of the Tinz's love interest on Empire State, her upcoming reality show.

Per a source "close to the show" who spoke with Fox411:

Constantine signed up to 'date' socialite Tinsley Mortimer on her new CW show... He was into it, thought she was cute, and [thought] he'd have some fun doing it. He's just building up different projects, and since this one is in New York about the life of New Yorkers, he thought he would get involved.

It's nice to hear, though, that Maroulis got a little action out of the deal:

They went out a couple of times and they spent a little pre-holiday time together... Constantine invited Tinsley to see Rock of Ages. It's a great advertisement for the show and for New York, two things he loves. She's hot and he got to kiss her and canoodle a bit—it wasn't a hardship.

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