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• Robert "Joe" Halderman, David Letterman's alleged extortionist, may be close to taking a plea deal. Halderman has reportedly offered to accept a one-year prison sentence in exchange for pleading guilty, although his lawyer is denying it, and any deal probably won't be finalized until incoming Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. takes office in January. [NYP]
• Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller say they're heading to counseling following Friday's arrest of Sheen on domestic violence charges. (He allegedly threatened Mueller with a knife and told her he was going to kill her.) Sheen, who was released on bond on Christmas night, also says he plans to enroll in "anger management counseling," since he's hoping to keep the marriage together. Rest assured, though, that somewhere Denise Richards is screaming, "I told you so!" [TMZ, NYDN]
Ivana Trump was booted off a flight from Palm Beach to New York over the weekend after she cursed out a group of rowdy kids on the plane and then lashed out at several flight attendants. [P6, MSNBC]

• Meanwhile, things seem to be looking up for Ivanka Trump, who's on a South African safari with new husband Jared Kushner. After weather delays disrupted the start of the trip and their luggage was lost, Ivanka has since been excitedly tweeting all the animals they've seen so far. [NYDN]
• In an epic PR stunt over the weekend, Jon Gosselin's apartment on the Upper West Side was supposedly broken into, couches were slashed, a Wii was stolen, a "100-year-old Ming vase" was smashed, and a note—signed by Gosselin ex "Hailey Glassman"—was left speared to the dresser calling Jon a "cheater." The police questioned Glassman yesterday, although she maintains someone is trying to frame her. [TMZ, TMZ, NYP, NYDN]
• The war between Dina and Michael Lohan continues. Two days before Christmas, Dina took papa Lohan to court over $40,000 in unpaid child support. But Michael claims he owes just $15,000, and says he also gave her a a lot of cash from other business deals he "executed." [P6, P6]
• In other Lohan family news, things are heating up between Lindsay and Adam Senn, the Gucci model who appeared on the last season of The City. She took him to her sister Ali's birthday party last week, so clearly things are getting serious. [NYDN]
• Angelina Jolie told a German tabloid that she believes in open relationships and occasionally gets a little rough with Brad Pitt when he doesn't obey her. "The sparks fly at home if the nice Brad fails to see that he's wrong and reacts in a defiant way," she said. "Then I get so angry that I tear his shirt." We'll assume she was kidding about that last bit. [Telegraph, P6]
• Renee Zellweger spent Christmas with Bradley Cooper and his parents in Los Angeles. [People]
• As for Rihanna, she spent Christmas in Barbados, where she frolicked in a butt-baring, Pepto-bink bikini. Jude Law and Sienna Miller spent the holiday in Barbados as well. [DM, Mirror]
• How is Kate Hudson recovering from her breakup with Alex Rodriguez? She's hanging out with Elle Macpherson in Aspen and eating ice cream, of course. [NYDN]
• Just days after being arrested for allegedly assaulting a theater manager in England, Amy Winehouse is being treated for "nervous exhaustion" after collapsing at home. [ShowbizSpy]
• What do you get someone who has everything? Well, if you're Victoria Beckham, you get your husband a $3,000 bulldog for Christmas. [Sun]
• Fergie and Josh Duhamel were seen shopping for baby clothes the other day, so Fergie must be pregnant. [P6]
• Lawyers for pervy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein have settled with four women who filed suits against him forcing them to become his sex slaves. Fourteen other women have suits pending, though, so his lawyers should be busy well into the new year. [P6]
• Walter Noel, the hedge fund manager who lost $7 billion to Bernie Madoff, hasn't been seen at his house in Mustique. But Bill Gates may be renting it for the season. [P6]
• Close friends and family members gathered for a private funeral for Brittany Murphy on Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. In a statement, Murphy's husband Simon Monjack called Murphy his "soul mate" and said that "mystery is the nature of love and you never know when or where it will strike or how quickly it will be taken from you." [Us]
• Britney Spears and Kevin Federline briefly reconnected over the holidays two years ago, she got pregnant, had an abortion, and then recently had a meltdown while screaming, "I killed my baby!" This "news" is all courtesy of this week's National Enquirer, naturally. [National Enquirer]