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A few years from now, someone will mention the name "Rachel Uchitel" in passing, and you'll have to rack your brain for a few minutes before it occurs to you that the person is referring to one of the women who helped bring about Tiger Woods' downfall. (Remember Jessica Hahn? How about Donna Rice?)

Until then, though, you can expect Uchitel to do her best to remind you that she still exists.

Earlier this week, she suggested she hoped to "escape" the limelight by heading to Palm Beach to visit her a mom, a trip that was pretty much guaranteed to generate a fresh round of rumors, since her mom happens to live about three miles from Tiger Woods' place. Just about every day since then, she's made sure to hit the beach—usually in a tiny bikini—to, you know, relax, think really deep thoughts, and get away from the prying eyes of the media.

Sure, it's a little hard to maintain the story that you left town to try and avoid exposure and then allow a TMZ photographer to shoot pictures of you—and your surgically enhanced boobs—from 12 inches away. But at least she's getting her money's worth!

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