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Rudy Giuliani announced yesterday that he won't be running for Senate in 2010 and is abandoning any plans to return to politics, so he can focus on his security business (see you in Rio in 2016!) and his law firm (now with offices in Kazakstan!). Rudy's speech, delivered in Conference Room E of the Sheraton Hotel (i.e. the basement), was hardly a triumphant moment for the former mayor. Per the Times:

If this was goodbye, an air of the desultory clung to it, as a man once seen as destined for high office stood in the basement of a Midtown hotel and endorsed another politician for another office—governor—once in his sight. From president to governor to senator, the list of powerful offices that the man, former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, once dreamed of capturing is long, and his longing now seems likely to go unrequited.

Much of the coverage carried obit-like tones. Politico's take:

For such an outsized figure, Giuliani exited Tuesday in a modest and underwhelming fashion. He spoke at a moderately-attended news conference in a hotel basement and offered only the most practical reasons for turning down clear shots at the Senate and the governorship—elections that would have propelled him back to the national stage in 2012 or 2016.

And it couldn't have made Rudy very happy to see that no one cares about him much anymore:

In 2000, Hizzoner's withdrawal dominated the heat-seeking New York press. This year, his announcement, leaked last night, was met with a collective shrug in a city more focused on the holidays, Giants' playoff prospects and the Astor family saga.

The New York Post carried its story on his decision on Page 8. It ran on Page 26 of the Daily News. His longtime chief of staff, Tony Carbonetti, was absent from the event, as was his wife, Judith.

In all fairness—and in Judy's defense—Christmas is just a couple of days away. And have you seen the pre-holiday sales at Saks and Bergdorf Goodman? If Rudy had really wanted her to be there, he would have made sure the press conference took place before 10am or after 8pm when the stores are closed, obviously. So let's not go overboard.

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