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• An autopsy was performed on Brittany Murphy yesterday and while no obvious cause of death was determined, more should be known when toxicology tests are completed in several weeks. Meanwhile, police sources say a huge stash of prescription pills (painkillers, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, etc.) were found at her home. And several of Murphy's friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have told reporters that her death "wasn't a shock," and that substance abuse "had sadly become par for the course." [NYP, NYDN, TMZ]
• In an interview yesterday, Murphy's husband Simon Monjack defended himself against suggestions he was a bad influence on Murphy. Monjack's shady past isn't doing him too many favors, however. The British screenwriter was sued by a bank for close to half a million bucks in 2006 as well as evicted from his apartment the same year. A year before that, he was arrested in Virginia on credit card fraud and theft charges. [AH, NYP, Fox News]
• Back in 2001, Tom Cruise sued a magazine editor named Michael Davis Sapir for saying that Cruise had a "homosexual relationship" and Sapir had a tape to prove it. Now it's Sapir turn. He's suing Cruise, his attorney Bert Fields, and private detective Anthony Pellicano for $5 million, claiming they spied on him and illegally wiretapped his phone. [TMZ, Us]
• The German shepherd that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony used to own wasn't the friendliest pooch. Not only did Floyd allegedly attack a flight attendant (who is now suing the couple), he supposedly also head-butted a housekeeper and bit one of their personal assistants. [NYDN]

• Pete Doherty was arrested in London yesterday for the 373th time. He was nabbed for heroin possession, and it was his second arrest for the week. He'd been busted for drunk driving a day earlier. [NYDN]
• Beyonce likes to make fun food art from her leftovers, who knew? At least that's what the staff of the fancy seafood restaurant Marea says. And you do have to admit her little reindeer illustration is pretty impressive. [3am]
Jersey Shore lost yet another sponsor. Dell Computers says it does not "condone or support ethnic bashing in any form." It does, however, make computers that fall apart ten minutes later, however. [TMZ]
• What's Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1 Rachel Uchitel up to? She's hanging out in Florida, where she's been taking strolls on the beach, looking pensive, and hoping someone will photograph her. [NYP]
• Maria Shriver has been photographed in the past couple months illegally talking on her cell phone while driving, parking in restricted areas and at expired meters, and running a stop sign. Why hasn't her license been revoked? We're guessing she may have some connections in the governor's office. [P6]
Alec Baldwin requested a butt double for his new movie, even though he thinks his own derriere is "beautiful." We'll take his word for it. [AH]
• The Beckham family is back in England for the holidays in England, andn they recently attended a West End production of Jersey Boys. Victoria did "the robot" in the VIP box; Cruz breakdanced; and David "leapt out of his seat" and sang along to the show. [Mirror]
• Club impresario Simon Hammerstein is opening a pop-up of The Box in Moscow for New Year's. Why? Because "there's a lot of oligarch money to be made over there." [P6]
• Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Entourage's Jerry Ferrara have reportedly split up. So she called her gay friend Lance Bass to hang out and he helped her drown her sorrows by taking her shopping and to play ping-pong. [NYDN]
• The four women of Sex and the City will be doing separate Marie Claire covers. But it was purely a creative decision, not because they hate each other or anything. [NYDN]
• According to his brother, Simon Cowell will leave American Idol at the end of 2010. Luckily, he's said to be bringing the British show The X Factor to the U.S., so he'll have something else to keep him busy. [NYP]
• Carrie Underwood and hockey player Mike Fisher got engaged over the weekend. [People, Us]
• Why was Rachel McAdams seen hanging out with Ben Jackson, a former model who is also her co-star Jude Law's personal assistant? Could they be dating? It's a big mystery! [NYDN]
• So much for power of the celebrity endorsement. Whoopi Goldberg and Al Roker both wrote letters in support of Anthony Marshall, and yet Brooke Astor's 85-year-old son was still given prison time. [NYDN]
• Kevin Jonas had a roller-skating-themed after-party for his rehearsal dinner this past weekend. Fun! [P6]
• "Which lady who recently filed for divorce is trying to lure her husband to a Christmas reunion? Friends suspect she hopes to generate footage for a reality show." Tinsley Mortimer, perhaps? [P6]
• In what may be the fastest divorce settlement ever, LeAnn Rimes and her ex, Dean Sheremet, agreed to terms of separation on the very same day that Sheremet filed for divorce. [People]
• Watch your back, Clooney. After dropping about 30 pounds on Celebrity Fit Club, Kevin Federline's career is on fire. He recently landed a cameo as a Canadian border guard in the straight-to-DVD movie American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. [Radar]
• Britney Spears posted the 75 "most ridiculous" stories written about her in 2009 on her website yesterday. Wait, Britney didn't grow up eating squirrel meat? [People]