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• A-Rod dumpee Kate Hudson was "consoled" by fellow Rodriguez ex Madonna at the premiere of Nine on Tuesday night. As for A-Rod, he was spotted in Miami yesterday, where he supposedly made the moves on a blonde at a restaurant but came up short. There's hope for A-Rod and Kate yet, though. The two have reportedly been speaking on the phone this week, and Hudson is still hoping they can patch things up. [P6, NYDN]
• A car that Anne Hathaway was riding in struck a cyclist in LA yesterday. Thankfully, Anne emerged unscathed. But ever the good girl, she hopped out of the car to tend to the biker and was photographed looking concerned. [TMZ, People]
• Today in Tiger: Elin Nordegren has supposedly made up her mind that she's leaving him, and has been shopping for divorce attorneys before she plans to head to Sweden for Christmas; Woods' high school girlfriend is now blaming the whole mess on Tiger's father, who may have been a serial cheater; Jessica Simpson is denying reports she ever hooked up with the golfer; and as for Tiger himself, he's supposedly spent the past few days holed up at home where he spends his time eating cereal, watching cartoons, and feeling depressed.

• Did Angelina Jolie try to commit suicide earlier this month? Probably not, but that's what the National Enquirer is "reporting" this week. [Nat'l Enq]
• Reese Witherspoon supposedly broke up with Jake Gyllenhaal (and "broke his heart") because Jake wanted to get married but Reese wasn't ready, and she also wanted to spend more time with her kids, which was hard to do when she had a boyfriend to worry about at the same time. [Us]
Tinsley Mortimer's fling/PR stunt with former American Idol Constantine Maroulis continues. The two were spotted at Dorrian's making out and singing "All I Want for Christmas." [P6]
• After a string of angry (and nonsensical) Facebook rants about her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, Courtney Love has been banned from contacting her daughter. And now Kurt Cobain's uncle has come out and said that Love has been an unfit mother for years. As if you didn't realize that yourself long ago. [P6, NYDN, TMZ]
• Are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem engaged? That's still unclear, although she was wearing "a sparkler on her ring finger" the other night. And we all know what that means, right? (Absolutely nothing at all.) [NYDN]
• Here's a big surprise: It seems Jon Gosselin is now broke and can't afford to pay his legal bills! But while he may not have much cash, he does seem to have a lot of time, as evidenced by photos of him engaged in target practice on his property yesterday. [NYDN, Radar]
• Bethenny Frankel's Real Housewives co-star Jill Zarin isn't a fan of Frankel's new PETA ad in Times Square. Just in case you were wondering. [P6]
• She's already taken a lot of heat for her own provocative outfits. Now Miley Cyrus can be seen encouraging her nine-year-old sister, Noah, to do a little age-inappropriate dance to Akon's "Smack That." Remember that scene from Little Miss Sunshine where the little girl dances to "Superfreak"? Yeah, well, this is worse. [3am]
• Pamela Anderson is currently "starring" as the Genie of the Lamp a London production of Aladdin. She wears a "Baywatch-red Lycra two-piece with red gloves and headpiece and three capes" for the show. And she makes her stage entrance on a glitter skateboard that descends from the ceiling. [DM]
• Jennifer Garner has revealed that she makes her own baby food. Across the nation, overstressed moms seethe with resentment. [ShowbizSpy]
• Madonna and Tiger Woods may have something in common! It's possible they were both been patients of the same sports-medicine specialist once upon a time. [P6]