He's not the most trustworthy source, granted, but Fox News host Chris Wallace claims to have heard that CNN is all embarrassed about its election-night holograms, which teleported the likes of singer Will.I.Am and correspondent Jessica Yellin into CNN studios in New York. Wallace, who serves as Fox's ambassador to the Godless liberals at the Daily Show, also maintains ties to CNN, via an old college roommate who is a technical producer there. He called this buddy at 5 pm on election night, resulting in the following exchange, according to Broadcasting & Cable:

"I've avoided e-mailing him," Wallace confesses. "So finally at 5 o'clock, I broke down: How's the hologram? And he said, Oh my God. I said, is that good, bad?

"So we saw it. We were like, phew; OK, it's not this great thing that we have to catch up to. 'A' for effort, but sometimes these things don't pan out. For every perceptive pixel magic wall, there's that stuff out there."

Not to be outdone, Fox deployed its own magic trick on election eve: Brit Hume made himself disappear from his last election night anchoring job two hours earlier than scheduled. We knew he was feeling burned out, but, just, wow:

At 1 a.m. Hume, who is scheduled to stay on for another hour, has made an executive decision to call it a night. Bret Baier is summoned to slip into Hume's seat at the anchor desk. Hume's panel looks a bit forlorn as the PAs swoop in to remove his microphone. The switch is made, unceremoniously, during a commercial break.
Asked how he feels to have anchored the final presidential election of his career, Hume pauses a moment and says: "Mostly relieved."

A young female assistant helps him into his raincoat. In the elevator on the way down from the Fox News 12th floor studios, a staffer says: "Brit, you're leaving already?" "The story's kind of over," Hume says.

Ladies and gentleman: Brit Hume has left the building!