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Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8 went out of business in October. But she just had some great news come her way! Sacco prevailed in a long-running legal battle against Bungalow 8's onetime insurance company.

Allow us to explain. Way back in 2004, a customer named Dwayne Rodgers filed a lawsuit against Bungalow 8, claiming he'd been the victim of discrimination at the former hotspot. What went down, exactly? Rodgers says he opened up a tab at the bar and was asked to provide his driver's license along with his credit card—which is standard operating procedure—but Rodgers soon noticed that white patrons who opened tabs were not asked for identification by the bartender. When Rodgers "shared his observation" (the judge's words, not ours) with the guy behind the bar, a scuffle ensued causing Rodgers "to fall onto a banquette and to suffer bodily injuries." You can probably guess what happened next: Rodgers filed a lawsuit.

More trouble for Sacco ensued when she contacted her insurance company about the suit. The company tried to get out of covering the claim based on a bunch of technicalities. That's when Sacco went on the offensive and sued the insurance company. And last week she emerged victorious! Too bad she can't celebrate with a glass of champagne at Bungalow 8 tonight. The ruling by the Hon. Michael D. Stallman of New York Supreme Court is below.