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Fashion designer Tory Burch and her ex-husband, venture capitalist Chris Burch, went their separate ways back in 2006. But it looks like the couple is of one mind when it comes to Hamptons real estate. Over the summer, Tory received permission to tear down her Southampton home and upgrade to something bigger and better, a plan she abandoned recently since she's now preparing to move to a much grander—and much more expensive—estate nearby. And now Chris is looking to gussy up his digs in Southampton, too.

According to Southampton architecture guru Sally Spanburgh, Chris is now asking the village for permission to "completely make-over the southern portion of the house" and add a one-story addition to the rear of the home.

Don't expected to be blown away by the final result, though. Writes Spanburgh: "The existing house is not so special and so there is an opportunity here to improve upon that, but I guess, like his ex-wife, Mr. Burch doesn't have the greatest design sensibility when it comes to architecture."

Summary: Public Hearing Dec. 14th, 2009 [SHVillageReview]