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• Courtney Love has lost control of her daughter. Frances Bean Cobain is almost an adult—she's 17—but a LA judge has granted guardianship to Kurt Cobain's mother and younger sister yesterday. Don't think it's because Courtney is on drugs or completely crazy (although she is). It's just that Frances is a "strong-willed child" and prefers to "live with her grandmother at this time." [People, TMZ]
• Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson have yet to confirm reports they've broken up, but it's looking like A-Rod has already moved on. He was seen in Miami this past weekend in the company of a "leggy blonde," and reportedly told another bunch of girls he was chatting up that he's "definitely single." [P6, NYDN]
• Tara Reid's redemption is underway! Not only is she hanging out with classy characters like Giuseppe Cipriani, she's announced that she'll be appearing topless in the January-February issue of Playboy. Welcome back! [P6, Us]

• And then there were 14. The latest Tiger Woods mistress to surface is a 40-something married woman named Theresa Rodgers who supposedly had a five-year affair with the golfer (and who has since hired Gloria Allred to represent her, just like Rachel Uchitel did). Other goings-on in Tigerland: Uchitel reports that she's received death threats in recent days; Tiger's doctor has been thrust into the spotlight for some reason; and, as for Tiger himself, he's supposedly "only just coping" and "on the edge" right now. But he's thinking of going to France to escape his troubles, and everything is better there, isn't it? [Us, Radar, TMZ, NYP, NYDN, MSNBC]
• Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick had a baby boy yesterday. Say hello to Mason Dash Disick. You'll probably be seeing him on a reality show in about six weeks. [Us]
• Speaking of new parents, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had their baby boy a week ago, but they still haven't picked out a name. In case you're wondering, it will "probably be a traditional name" and Gisele will be choosing it, since Brady says Gisele "makes all these decisions." [People]
Jennifer Lopez says the paparazzi have stopped taking pictures of her because they can't sell the photos for much money. Which is basically like admitting she's no longer an A-list celebrity. Which is sad, no? [MSNBC]
• If you're doing in the vicinity of Times Square, be sure to check out the 58-foot-tall billboard of Bethenny Frankel on the corner of Broadway and 53rd Street. She's "especially pleased" with it "because it doesn't look like there's been any air-brushing." Which presumably means there was lots of air-brushing, but it was tastefully done? [P6]
• Why hasn't Michael Lohan been in the tabloids the past couple of days? It may be because he was arrested over the weekend for contacting his ex, Erin Muller, who has a restraining order against him. Naturally, Lohan sees it different. He says he wasn't really arrested. He just went down to the courthouse to chat with the judge. [TMZ, Radar]
• In other stalker news, the guy who has been following Jennifer Garner around for the past few years (and whom she got a restraining order against in 2008) was arrested yesterday. Steven Burky was nabbed for being in the area around Violet Affleck's school, which is really creepy. [Radar]
• After spending the last several months using Twitter to apologize and lash out in anger, Chris Brown has apparently quit the social site. You're crushed, we're sure. [E!]
• If you're a reporter and you land an interview with Nicole Kidman, don't ask her questions about Scientology. She really doesn't want to talk about it and may be momentarily speechless at your total lack of manners. [ShowbizSpy]
• Kelly Osbourne, possibly the palest girl that has ever lived, is the poster girl for a new line of tanning products. Makes sense. [P6]
• Yet more proof that Suri Cruise is the most spoiled child in the universe: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arranged to have a zoo outside of Seville, Spain shut down for the day, so little Suri could pet the animals in peace. [People]
• The feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall must be over: Kim showed up at the premiere of SJP's new movie last night! [DM]
• Breaking! Nicole Richie is now a brunette! [People]
• Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper appear together in a new ad campaign for MAC cosmetics. And both are virtually unrecognizable, too. [HuffPo]
• Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom aren't engaged, despite rumors to the contrary. Sorry! [People]
Lou Dobbs' horse-obsessed daughter, Hillary, is engaged. Her fiance is a Dutch horse dealer. And the wedding will take place in Mexico next year. (Okay, we made that last bit up.) [P6]
• Rihanna is topless on the January 2010 cover of GQ. Sort of. She's holding her arms over her breasts and she's wearing a pair of "leather hotpants" on the bottom. [DM]
• Facebook co-founder Sean Parker used his 30th birthday party for good on Saturday: He raised more than $60,000 to combat malaria at a party that was attended by Val Kilmer, Oliver Stone, and Lucy Liu, among others. [P6]
• This year's Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. [AP]