People magazine just sent out a staff memo soliciting buyout candidates, as part of the 600-person company-wide layoffs announced at Time Inc. two weeks ago. Although People has a large staff, the reporting cuts they seek in both New York and LA—which total 18 editorial employees—would add up to a significant loss of celebrity-watching resources. Click through for the entire memo [UPDATE: and details of similar buyout offers at four other titles]:

As part of a broad Time Inc. work force reduction, I regret to announce that People magazine will be making cuts in its editorial staff. We are looking for the volunteers to accept severance packages in the following Guild-covered job classifications: —up to 6 reporter-researchers —up to 4 Los Angeles-based staff members from among staff correspondents and writer-editors —up to 4 New York-based staff members from among staff correspondents, writer-editors and writer-reporters —up to 3 copy editors —1 research librarian We are also looking for a up to two Guild-covered volunteers each in the Art Department and photo department, and one in the News Bureau. In addition to this call for Guild volunteers, non-Guild employees may inquire about the possibility of volunteering for a severance package. I urge all those interested to contact People's human resources representatives [redacted] for details regarding their particular package. In addition to the above cuts, we are looking for savings from full-time staffers interested in working a four-day week (Tuesdays off) for commensurate salary. This call in voluntary, and final decisions will be made based on business needs and management discretion. The call for volunteers expires on Dec 1. If necessary, after that we will follow the Guild contract procedure for conducting involuntary layoffs in Guild categories. If you have any questions, please see me or your department heads

[UPDATE: All Things D has a similar memo from SI seeking 40 staff buyouts. They say offers are also coming down at Time, Money, and Fortune.]