Oh, not again. Is this part of the goal of her startup Nonsociety—"liv[ing] differently"? It's Mary Rambin's second videoblogged colonic. Of course, the blog-your-colonic pioneer was Tracie from Jezebel. And Katie Couric underwent a colonscopy on her show, but that was to raise awareness of colon cancer, from which her husband died. This is more like ... raising awareness for unnecessary spa treatments. Internet: over. (Click for the video!) Update from Mary: "A shot of water up your ass to clean you out is helpful not harmful when done the right way. The procedure is certainly not “unnecessary.” Think of my video as a preventative measure against cancer. Our bodies store so many toxins from food (pesticides, chemicals, preservatives) and our bodies were not made to process and flush them out. We need help." Yes, we do. Here's her guide to eating healthy. OK, now click for the video, which should be taken as a public service announcement.

Colonic - Round 2 from Mary Rambin on Vimeo.