The financially-struggling New York Times should simply stop printing new papers and stick to 11/05/08 editions forever, as their endless pimping of the commemorative paper suggest that's the only one people want to buy. They've been running house ads which inform that we can buy an "actual New York Times newspaper on Nov. 5, 2008, which boldly reported Obama's decisive victory over John McCain. Price includes the full newspaper with a resealable plastic envelope." It's available for the low price of $14.95 (please allow two weeks for shipping.) In fact, they've cordoned off a section of their online store,, in order for you to buy anything Obama-related. OMG—due to high traffic, the site's overloaded!

We'll tell you what you can get: a "Deluxe "OBAMA" Framed Front Page Reprint - With Brass Plate" ($299), or any number of photographs of O and first lady Michelle ($199 to $799). And let's not forget the electronic edition of the November 5th paper, which goes for $2.95. The Times is also offering a "free Barack Obama virtual gift to Facebook users." The New York Post, for its part, continues to treat its readership like children, offering a "FREE GIANT FOLD-OUT OBAMA POSTER!" in its Sunday edition. Whatever. We're holding out for the Obama pillowcase and the Obama issue of Tiger Beat.