I am back from vacation! I don't know why I'm exclamation marking that, because it's actually just kind of depressing! In honor of my return there is a blind item bonanza after the jump. We have a Lehman Brothers wife going on a shopping spree, a billionaire trying to sex it in the bathroom, PageSix using cutesy quotation marks to describe gay marriage!!!!!, one about Scarlett Johansson probably, and a bunch about some other people. Read them and discuss while I lie here on the floor, dreaming ever still of California! Sob! 1) "Which wife of a top Lehman executive went on a $132,000 shopping spree at the Americana Manhasset Mall the day after her hubby filed for bankruptcy?" [P6] 2) "Which skirt-chasing Euro-billionaire tried to share the bathroom at Rose Bar with a young businesswoman who rejected his offer to perform a disgusting act." [P6] 3) "Which hot downtown eatery employs a manager who's notorious for hiring and promoting women she can sleep with, despite the fact she's "married" to another woman?" [P6] 4) "Which Obama-loving actress got extra-frisky on Election Night? After a heated debate with a conservative bartender in West Hollywood, she invited him back to her place for a good old-fashioned, bipartisan romp in the sack." [NYDN] 5) "This married A list country singer has a very jealous wife. She has toned it down lately might it come raging back when she discovers why her husband saw a doctor twice while he was on the road recently." [CDaN] 6) "Which A list action star is paying big bucks to an unknown female actress to be his girlfriend for the next two months while he is doing press for his new film. He wants a girlfriend to talk about and not the increasing questions about his sexuality." [CDaN] 7) "Two singers. One male, and one female. Yes, they are a couple but not in the same group. He has been a solid performer for a few years. Her? Not so long, but a much bigger name. Well as much as the two profess their love for each other you may think it must be just a perfect relationship. It was until she started sleeping with her agent whenever she can ditch the boyfriend." [CDaN] 8) "Which A-lister demanded all air hostesses [Ed. note: That's classy talk for stewardess!] dressed in sexy lingerie while serving him on his flight to Monaco? The scruffbag also insisted male cabin crew be removed from the flight." [Mirror] 9) "Which TV series is so full of big egos that it may doom the show? 'Each actor is crazier than the next,' whispers a staffer employed behind the scenes at the sophomore drama, 'and they all pretty much hate each other.' The male lead can’t stand his love interest, and their lack of chemistry together is obvious to viewers. The good news is the nightmare may soon be over for all concerned, because although the show enjoys a rabid cult following and solid critical support, its ratings are such that a third season is looking very unlikely." [BlindGossip] Also, SERIOUSLY PAGE SIX, IN THESE TIMES?? I LOVE YOU, RUPERT!!!