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• It looks like Tiger Woods' wife has had enough. Elin Nordegren moved out of the couple's Florida home yesterday and is staying at another home nearby. It doesn't look like she's planning to come back. Swedish news outlets are reporting that she paid $2.3 million to buy a house in in Sweden last week. [Radar, NYDN, NYP]
• Another 911 call was received from Tiger Woods' house last night. It's still unclear what happened, but an ambulance transported a middle-aged woman to the hospital and a "blonde woman" reportedly followed behind in an Escalade. One possibility is that it was Elin Nordegren's mom, who flew to the U.S. last week to be with her daughter. [TMZ, Radar]
• Yet another Woods mistress may be getting ready to come forward. And this one's claiming she has cell phone photos of Tiger's nether regions. Playgirl says it's is in the process of "authenticating" the pics to make sure it's him. How it plans to do that is unclear, although there are nine women (and counting) who should be able to help, presumably. [Us]
Uma Thurman and fiancé Arki Busson have called it quits. And Bernie Madoff may be partly to blame. The Swiss financier reportedly lost a bundle investing with Madoff, and that may have put a strain on the relationship. [NYP]

• Alexa Ray Joel's suicide attempt followed a "dysfunctional" family vacation with mom Christie Brinkley and two step-siblings, and Alexa and her mom have "knock-down, drag out fights" over everything from Billy Joel to Alexa's weight over the years. Alexa is now staying with her dad and "feeling much better," according to a rep. [NYP, Us]
• Lindsay Lohan is heading to India to film a BBC documentary about impoverished kids. She's supposedly "excited about escaping the drama of LA and doing something real." The rest of us can look forward to not having to discuss the latest Lindsay meltdown for a few days. (Provided, of course, she doesn't start hitting up the clubs in India.) [P6]
• Lady Gaga met the Queen of England last night. And she dressed up as Queen Elizabeth I in red latex, naturally. [DM]
• A man was arrested yesterday for trying to throw a couple of tomatoes at Sarah Palin during a book signing. His missed his target, sadly. [NYDN]
• Beyonce hosted Jay-Z's 40th birthday at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic for 60 of his closest friends. It featured a Scarface theme, a toast by Diddy, fireworks, and a video put together by Jay's friends. The real highlight? There were synchronized swimmers, too. [P6, ShowbizSpy]
• A hostess from Nino's Positano on Second Avenue showed up at Derek Jeter's building the other night (along with the restaurant's delivery guy) and begged to be let upstairs to meet Jeter. She caused a scene in his lobby, yelled that she was his "No. 1 fan," and had to be escorted out by Jeter's doormen. And yes, she was later fired by the restaurant. [NYDN]
• Eliot Spitzer was chatting with Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez at a book party the other night, but Silda Spitzer—sensing that photographers were circling for a potentially embarrassing "money shot"—quickly intervened and broke things up. [P6]
• Disgraced beauty queen and sex tape fan Carrie Prejean pulled out of an appearance at Foxwoods casino because, according to her mom, the time slot of 12am-2am was "in direct conflict with" Carrie's "reputation as a Christian." Good one! [P6]
• MTV's Jersey Shore is having more issues with sponsors. First, Domino's Pizza pulled its commercials. And now American Family Insurance has done the same. [TMZ]
• They've been feuding for two years, but Tori Spelling and her mother Candy are finally burying the hatchet. Mother and daughter "have been in communications," according to Tori's husband, Dean McDermott. [People]
• Madonna hasn't ruled out adopting another child African, in case you were wondering about that. In other Madonna news, don't think that the Material Girl was intentionally ignoring Courtney Love at a party the other night. She just "didn't realize Courtney was there." [P6, NYDN]
• Russell Brand says the reason he's been a man-whore all these years is because he was being "thorough" in order to "get the right one." And now, he's "ever so happy" with Katy Perry and marriage and kids "would be good." [NYDN]
• John Stamos was the target of an extortion plot recently. A Michigan couple threatened to "harm" Stamos' "reputation" by releasing some naughty photos of him unless he coughed up $600,000. They've been arrested. And John Stamos can take some comfort in the fact the couple thought he'd have a spare $600,000 sitting around. [TSG]
• Rumor has it 57-year-old Mickey Rourke has proposed to his 24-year-old Russian girlfriend, Elena Kuletskaya, and they'll be getting married in Moscow in April. [P6]
• It's been a big couple of weeks for the cast of Family Ties. First, Meredith Baxter Birney came out as a lesbian, and now Brian Bonsall—the guy who played young Andy Keaton—has been arrested for assault for hitting a friend with a bar stool in Colorado. [MSNBC]
• If you didn't get to see Daniel Radcliffe naked on Broadway recently, note that Radcliffe and Emma Watson are doing a bunch of nude scenes in the next Harry Potter flick. [NYDN]
• It's been a few weeks since Hailey Glassman's been in the news. So now she's announcing that she's broken up with Jon Gosselin. Not that she's actually moved out of their apartment yet or anything. [Radar]
The Office's Jenna Fischer will marry her fiance, Lee Kirk, next summer in Los Angeles. [People]
• Remember how Anthony Michael Hall allegedly hit his ex-girlfriend and bit her forehead a few weeks ago? Well now, he's playing a convicted killer on an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami. Fitting! [People]
• Audrina Patridge will be returning for the sixth season of The Hills, if you care. [Us]
• Angelina Jolie has a secret family she's been hiding for the past six years! Not really. According to the National Enquirer, Jolie supports seven orphans in Amman, Jordan. But the "secret family" headline plays better, you have to admit. [National Enquirer]