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• Although Tiger Woods and his wife remain "in seclusion" at their home in Florida (and are supposedly involved in "intense" marital counseling sessions), their lawyers are still ironing out a revised pre-nup. One report suggests Woods would pay his wife $5 million immediately and then $55 million if she stays with him for another two years; all she'd have to do is suck up any semblance of pride and sign a nondisclosure agreement. Meanwhile, sources indicate that Tiger was working on a deal to pay Rachel Uchitel $1 million to keep her trap shut, she hasn't taken any money from him (yet), and canceled her press conference yesterday because she was "scared for her safety." What else do we know? That Tiger is painfully insecure about his tiny calves, for one thing.
• In an interview with Glamour, Sarah Jessica Parker says she has "enormous regrets" about filming the Sex and the City sequel since because she didn't want to miss being home with her two baby daughters for one moment. Let's all hope the millions she makes from the movie more than makes up for it. [Us]
• Is 15-year-old Tallulah Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) dating 16-year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Arnold and Maria)? Possibly, although Bruce's rep is now denying it. [P6]

• Britney Spears is pregnant. If you believe Star magazine! [NYDN]
• Chris Brown continues to apologize for beating Rihanna. Tonight, he'll appear on 20/20, but a clip from his interview aired on Good Morning America yesterday in which he said that while he may appear unaffected by it all, "it really is kinda devastating me." Just kinda, though. [NYDN]
• An eyewitness claims Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren, kissed earlier this month, and "it was raw." LiLo, however, says the story is "absurd." Clearly it must not be true because Lohan always speaks the truth, right? [Us]
• The honeymoon didn't last long for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. They were reportedly fighting at an LA restaurant Wednesday night. [Radar]
• Jessica Simpson's latest crush is reportedly ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. We're pulling for this one, if only because it would be the most bizarre and unlikely coupling of all time. [OK!]
• On-again couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller attended the birthday party of Miller's After Miss Julie co-star Jonny Lee Miller's one-year-old son yesterday. Whoa! This is getting serious. [P6]
• After telling reporters that model Jasmine Lennard's allegations of theft against her were "fabricated," Casey Johnson supposedly "traced" Lennard to a tattoo parlor and begged her to drop the charges. Lennard considered it briefly, then read Johnson's claims calling her a liar, and now she's determined that Johnson "suffer the consequences." Or something. [P6]
• Boutique owner and social scenester Andrew Parker has what we'd call a "spending problem." He was arrested last week for grand larceny and multiple counts of identity theft because he supposedly racked up huge bills on stolen credit cards. Back in '06, he was also funding a porn flick called "Trust Fund Sluts" on his card and somehow finagled it so that his mom would pay the bill. Classy. [P6]
• Destiny's Child is reuniting. Sort of. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle are getting back together next week in Chicago to face a copyright infringement lawsuit and Kelly Rowland is blaming it all on Beyonce's dad. [NYDN]
• Jennifer Lopez's butt is still smarting from her fall at the American Music Awards last month and she has "bruised bone." Poor thing. [People]
• At a recent wedding, Kate Moss was so obsessed with a bracelet socialite Ann Dexter-Jones was wearing that billionaire friend/Topshop owner Sir Philip Green bought it for Moss right off Dexter-Jones' arm. And Moss thoughtfully gave Dexter-Jones her own Chanel bracelet so that her wrist "wasn't bare." [P6]
• Has Adam Lambert been blacklisted? That's what some people are saying now that ABC has canceled two more of his TV appearances. [NYDN]
• Pam Anderson is becoming a pop singer, and her first single is "High," and it's all about high fashion. She's recording it with friend and designer Richie Rich, who says Pam didn't want to do anything "too difficult, so she's just going to sing the word 'high' over and over." [P6]
• Eminem used to be addicted to prescription drugs to get to sleep, just like Michael Jackson, he says. But now he's been sober 20 months. Does anyone care? Didn't think so. [P6]
Nas was arrested for DUI in Georgia in September, but yesterday the case was dropped due to lack of evidence and because his drug test came back negative. Imagine that! [TMZ]
• Headline that says it all: "Only Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would take an eight-year-old to see a film about Nelson Mandela." [DM]