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A few weeks back, a rep for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich informed us that he believed restaurateur Nello Balan was responsible for leaking a phony bill to the media, and he was looking into taking legal action against the shameless publicity-seeker. Abramovich hasn't filed suit against sued Balan—not yet, at least—but someone else has:

Publicity-mad restaurateur Nello Balan is being accused of illegally filching staffers' tips. Balan and his business partners are being sued over claims they've "diverted" more than $100,000 a year in gratuities at his pricey eatery, reports The Post's Bruce Golding. In papers filed in Manhattan federal court, four ex-employees claim a portion of their tips went to Balan's daughter, his driver and managers who refused to share their own "handshake" tips from patrons.

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