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• It's been a busy 24 hours for Tiger Woods. Just after admitting he'd "let his family down" yesterday, a voicemail he apparently left for alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs surfaced and put a nail in his adulterous coffin. Now Rachel Uchitel, one of the other women he supposedly was involved with, is coming clean about her affair and will be giving a press conference later today. [TMZ, NYP]
• Meanwhile, Tiger and wife Elin are supposedly in "intense" marriage counseling. They're also in intense discussions with their lawyers, apparently. Rumor has it they're renegotiating their pre-nup and Elin may collect a "hefty seven-figure amount" if she agrees to stay with him. [CST, Us]
Tinsley Mortimer's family sounds more white trash than high society. Her mom, Dale Mercer, got into a shoving match recently with the woman who's been dating her ex-husband. George Mercer—Tinsley's dad—says the 29-year-old woman, Krissy Morrow, is merely his "escort" and he's never even kissed her. But Krissy says she married Mercer last month. George says the marriage didn't count since he was "drunk as [expletive]" at the time and because he's married to someone else anyway. Let's hope all this nonsense—like the report Tinsley was seen making out with Constantine Maroulis on Tuesday night—is just another PR stunt for her reality show. [P6]

• Will Tareq and Michaele Salahi testify before Congress today? Probably not, but the chairman of the House's Homeland Security Committee now says he may issue the White House crashers with a subpoena. [NYDN]
• Related: The Real Housewives of New Jersey—always the picture of decorum—are now weighing in on the saga as well. They're calling the couple's behavior "poor etiquette" and "irresponsible." Discussing "boobies" and flipping tables is so much classier, isn't it? [Us]
• Nutty heiress Casey Johnson is now denying she's a thief and claims that everything model Jasmine Lennard has said about her is "100 percent fabrication." She's also hired OJ lawyer Robert Shapiro and "crisis manager" to help her deal, she says. [P6]
• Four members of the Burglar Bunch, the group of teens who allegedly burglarized the homes of LA celebs, have pleaded not guilty to charges of theft. [TMZ, NYDN]
• Someone spilled a drink all over Orlando Bloom's shirt while he was at dinner in Las Vegas the other day. Rather than suffer through dinner in a state of dampness, though, one of his friends called the John Varvatos store, had three new shirts messengered over, and Orlando changed into a dry shirt right at the table. In front of 200 other dinner guests. [P6]
Rosie Perez bombed big-time the other night as a presenter at the Gotham Independent Film Awards. She thanked the wrong organization; she opened the envelope and nearly blurted the winner before the clips had even been shown; and she made multiple comments about the size of Willem Dafoe's penis while the audience watched in horror and awkward silence. [NYDN]
• Further evidence that Jude Law and Sienna Miller are back together? She was photographed fleeing his apartment. [Sun]
• Also officially back together are Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, apparently. They made their first red carpet appearance together after splitting a year ago on account of his his sex addiction. [DM]
Sarah Jessica Parker's marriage is just fine, she says, although she admits that having kids makes a marriage "complicated." [ShowbizSpy]
• Khloe Kardashian says being married is "easier than she ever expected." In case you're wondering, planning a wedding is much easier when E! does it for you and then pays for it, too. [People]
• Roman Polanski will finally get bail on Friday. In the meantime, he's allowed to party at his Swiss ski chalet, chat on the phone, and surf the Web. [LAT]
• Fame seems to be getting to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. When asked if he plans to run for president one day, he said "possibly." [People]
Dancing With the Stars' Julianne Hough and Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill have been "hanging out." And you know what that means. [People]
Alec Baldwin is pretty bummed about his breakup with longtime girlfriend Nicole Seidel, apparently. According to a source, Baldwin is still in love with her and "would do anything to get her back." Listening, Nicole? [P6]
• Hulk Hogan is engaged to girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel. And she looks remarkably like his ex-wife and his daughter. [NYDN]
• After three marriages and at the age of 62, Meredith Baxter Birney—the actress who played Elyse Keaton on Family Ties—has come out of the closet. She's writing a book all about it, naturally. [NYP, P6]
• Speaking about coming out, Rupert Everett doesn't think gay actors should admit they're gay. How progressive of him! [DM]
• Anthony Michael Hall's ex-girlfriend says he beat her up and bit her forehead. Now another one of his exes is rising to his defense. [P6]
Gisele Bundchen is due to give birth this month, but baby daddy Tom Brady is the only person who knows the sex of their baby. Gisele wants to wait to find out. Either way, the kid will likely be ridiculously good looking. [Us]
• Grammy nominations have been announced, and not surprisingly, Beyonce ("Halo"), the Black Eyed Peas ("I Gotta Feeling"), Kings of Leon ("Use Somebody") Lady Gaga ("Poker Face"), and Taylor Swift ("You Belong to Me") have all been nominated for Record of the Year. Beyonce topped the nominations by receiving ten; Taylor Swift received eight. [MSNBC, People]