Rupert Murdoch is hoping to give the Times a run for its money. The mogul plans to put $15 million into the NYC edition of the Wall Street Journal. [NYO]
• ABC still hasn't said who's replacing Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, which has led to some "puzzlement and frustration" among staffers. [LAT]
• Why is Comcast planning to keep Jeff Zucker on as NBC Universal's CEO after it takes control of the company? There are no easy explanations, alas. [NYT]
• The Times may "prune" its collection of 70 blogs to cut expenses. [NYO]
• Sam Zell has stepped down as CEO of Tribune; he'll remain chairman. [NYT]
• The lineup for Sundance 2010 was announced today. [Vulture, NYT]
• Tiger Woods' spicy extracurricular activities would have come out two years ago if the National Enquirer hadn't cut a deal with the golfer. Allegedly. [NYP]

• Poor Anderson Cooper's CNN ratings continue to sink. [BI]
Lou Dobbs denies ever talking to CNBC about joining the business network. But he wouldn't be opposed to working at Fox News, unsurprisingly. [HuffPo]
• Former BusinessWeek editor Steve Adler has lined up a new gig. [AP]
• The former publisher of Gourmet is joining Marie Claire. [FB]
• Lady Gaga appears on the cover of the January issue of Elle; in an interview she says she doesn't want to just another "sexy pop star." Clearly. [Elle]
• An interview with weatherman (and now mystery author) Al Roker. [OTV]
• Google is making some concessions to appease disgruntled publishers. [AP]
• Daily Beast staffers love their jobs per Daily Beast boss Barry Diller. [Reuters]
• NBC's Christmas tree lighting will go on tomorrow, thankfully. [Wrap]
• The "terrorist" who appeared in Brüno is filing a suit against Sacha Baron Cohen and NBC. The reason? He's not actually a terrorist, it turns out. [WSJ]