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• Tiger Woods hasn't spoken to the cops or the media since he crashed his SUV into a tree outside his Florida home on Friday morning, although he did release a statement on his website yesterday. Did the crash take place as Tiger was running away from his enraged wife? Did Tiger really have an affair with club promoter (and 9/11 widow) Rachel Uchitel? That's all up in the air at the moment, although Uchitel has already hired spotlight-loving lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her, so you can expect this story to play on for weeks to come. [NYP, TMZ, TMZ]
• The fame-seeking classy couple who crashed the state dinner last week, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, are looking for a six-figure fee to tell their story, according to TV producers. A spokesman for the couple says that's totally false. Decide for yourself who you'd like to believe. [NYT, NYP, NYDN]
• Did Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal break up? A "close friend" of the actress says yes, but the couple is denying it. [People]
Tinsley Mortimer may have a German prince for a boyfriend and she may be traipsing around town with Constantine Maroulis, but she's still got her ex-husband, Topper, wrapped around her finger. They reportedly talk three times a day and he's offered to appear on her reality show to help boost buzz. They may even get back together "for ratings," according to a source. [P6]

• Penelope Cruz still hasn't said if she's getting married to Javier Bardem (or if they're even engaged), but she's supposedly been shopping for a wedding dress (one by Balenciaga), at least according to InTouch. [NYDN]
• David Hasselhoff was hospitalized over the weekend for undisclosed reasons (it was speculated that he had an alcohol-induced seizure). Meanwhile, his ex-wife Pamela Bach, had her own unlucky streak over the weekend and was arrested for driving while intoxicated. [People, AP]
• Kate Moss is "sick of the media glare in the UK" and is now thinking about moving to New York or Paris, supposedly. [DM]
• It looks like ABC isn't going to let Chris Brown perform on Good Morning America next week after all. Instead, Chris will sit down with Diane Sawyer for an "in-depth interview" about what really happened the night he beat up Rihanna. [E!, NYP]
• Is Alec Baldwin planning to quit acting when his 30 Rock contract expires in 2012? That seems to be what he suggested in an interview with Men's Journal. [ShowbizSpy]
• Despite the fact that she only recently graduated from college and is just starting her first job (as an assistant), Anna Wintour's daughter, Bee Shaffer, is looking for a Soho apartment "in the $2.3 million range." [P6]
• Ever the romantic, Derek Jeter celebrated Thanksgiving by showing Minka Kelly around his new, 30,000-square-foot mansion in Tampa, Florida. "St. Jetersburg," as the locals call it, boasts a six-foot "privacy fence" and a "memorabilia room," naturally. [P6]
• Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, and a big bunch of other celebs headed to Morocco for the long holiday weekend, attending the reopening of the La Mamounia Hotel. [P6]
Martha Stewart didn't even cook her own Thanksgiving dinner. She ate at the Four Seasons. What has the world come to? [P6]
• Jon Gosselin, not surprisingly, spent Thanksgiving snowboarding in Utah while Kate Gosselin spent the holiday with their eight kids, her bodyguard, and her bodyguard's family. [Us]
• Also not surprising: Courtney Love spent part of Thanksgiving at 1OAK and Scores. [P6]
• According to Ian Halperin's new tell-all about Brangelina, Brad fell in love with Angie because of the "incredible sex"; she frequently screams at him and has "a temper like a cobra"; Angelina has accused him of cheating on her and has been responsible for spreading lies about Jennifer Aniston's love life; and she plans to use Brad's pot smoking habit as an excuse to break up with him "within 18 months, probably sooner." Got all that? [NYP]
• Tom Arnold got married for the fourth time, and Dax Shepard was his best man. Neither of these facts bodes well. [People]
• Remember that recent incident in which Anthony Michael Hall got into an violent altercation with his ex, Diana Falzone? Well, apparently, he bit her forehead and "pushed, shoved and spit" at her when he showed up at her apartment in the middle of the night earlier this month. [P6]
• The latest celeb to owe back taxes? It's Ving Rhames, and he apparently owes the government nearly $500,000. [TMZ]
• Breaking! Cindy Crawford admits she's had Botox! [DM]