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Ben Bronfman (or "Ben Brewer" as he previously known) is the son of billionaire media mogul Edgar Bronfman Jr., the husband of singer (and cheese lover) M.I.A. (they're the parents of an eight-month-old son named Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman), and the founder of the Green Owl, which is billed as the "Earth's first green music label" (and is backed by his father who happens to own Warner Music).

(He's also brother of Hannah Bronfman, who will be appearing on Tinsley Mortimer's forthcoming reality show.) So how does Ben, who grew up in one of New York's richest families but is nothing like the rest of the Bronfman clan now that he lives in Bed-Stuy (gasp!), deal with the press attention that occasionally comes his way?

He doesn't. "I try not to let any of that stuff penetrate my sphere of consciousness," Bronfman tells the Observer while sipping a glass of Malbec at the Bowery Hotel. If you grew up in New York counterculture, I think it's relatively easy to filter out all the bullshit.

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