Dave Chappelle's most recent AWOL streak ends Monday on Bravo, when he will appear on the 200th episode of Inside the Actors Studio. Except, in a clever twist we're presuming occurred only because Diana Ross was unavailable, Chappelle will interview Lipton for the whole show.Today we got a glimpse of the comic delivering the episode's customary windy introduction, which comes as close as we've been to a Chappelle performance in years — properly reverential of Lipton's mile-long resume (even the "literary perennial An Exaltation of Larks," a title no one can read with a straight face) while dropping random bursts of profanity and invective when necessary. The only thing that likely would have improved this would have been a Chappelle-esque three-hour wait for Lipton's arrival, followed by a chain-smoking binge of payback from their last tilt in 2005. Or maybe that comes later in the episode. Either way, congrats, Jim! [Bravo]