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• Are Jude Law and Sienna Miller back together? That's what it looked like when the duo were seen cavorting at The Box last Thursday, but reps for the two are denying it. [NYDN]
• Either Jay-Z is a really thoughtful husband or Beyoncé is a bit of a control freak, but Jay refused to take photos with the models at the Victoria's Secret fashion show last week supposedly "out of respect" for his wife. [P6]
Heidi Klum has officially taken Seal's last name and is now Heidi Samuel. Please update your address books, thanks. [People]
• The American Music Awards took place last night. Some highlights: Taylor Swift won three awards; Michael Jackson won four posthumous prizes; Lady Gaga set a piano on fire; Adam Lambert's S&M-themed closing act involved getting a mock blowjob and kissing a male band member; and Jennifer Lopez fell down on her most famous asset, but she managed to pick herself up and carry on as if nothing had happened. [People, MSNBC, TMZ]

Diddy's 40th birthday party last week cost him $3 million. No doubt the highlight for everyone who attended was the $30,000 orchid display. [P6]
• The good news for Levi Johnston: His Playgirl photos are now online. The bad news: His mother was just sentenced to three years in prison on drug charges. [People, NYP]
• As if she doesn't have enough addiction in her life, Amy Winehouse reportedly can't stop herself from getting plastic surgery now and is planning to have another nose job later this week. [Mirror]
• Topper Mortimer has been spotted out a bunch recently, prompting people to assume that he's moved on from his ex, Tinsley Mortimer. One person who still can't stomach the split, though, is the Tinz's mom, who claims she still speaks to Topper daily and that the two remain "a perfect couple." [P6]
• Now that Oprah has announced she'll be leaving her show in 2011, she's paving the way for her "best friend" Gayle King to become the next queen of daytime. King is reportedly in talks with CBS for her own show. [P6]
• Jon Gosselin presented his soon-to-be-ex-wife Kate a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses at their divorce arbitration over the weekend. (Jon's lawyer said this was because the reality couple's split had been called "a real-life War of the Roses" and Jon wanted to present the flowers as a "peace offering.") But now you can go ahead and break out the champagne: Tonight is the final episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. [NYDN, NYP]
• Nick Lachey has landed a job. He's hosting a new singing competition (yes, another one) called The Sing-Off, which is set to air this December. [People]
• The spoof of Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue called Going Rouge is causing all sorts of confusion, as expected. [P6]
• Courteney Cox's show, Cougar Town, has been put on hold while the actress deals with a "private family matter." [Us, People]
• The lead singer for Creed, Scott Stapp, is bummed about a tape that's surfaced of him and Kid Rock being given blow jobs by groupies on a tour bus back in 1999. [P6]
• The owners of Kitson in LA are reportedly pissed that Lindsay Lohan has been trying to get free stuff from the store. Yawn. [Sun]
• Product placement or lack of imagination? Jennifer Lopez's new song "Louboutins" has her repeating the brand name eight times during the chorus. [NYDN]
• Chef Todd English has moved on since splitting with Erica Wang, his former bride-to-be who he allegedly ditched because she hit him. He was spotted "sucking serious face" with a girl at a bar the other night. [P6]
New Moon grossed $140.7 million at the box office this weekend, making it the third biggest opening weekend ever. [NYDN]