The layoffs at Hearst this week have already hit Redbook and Good Housekeeping. So as not to be sexist, now they've come to Esquire. We hear the upscale men's mag laid off four editorial employees yesterday, including two editors, and decreed that another open assistant editor position won't be filled. "They gathered everyone together to tell them not to tell anyone the exact number cuz they don't want any media," says a tipster. That's somewhat embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as the spending habits of another layoff-happy mag, the recently decimated Conde Nast Portfolio: According to P6,

STAFFERS booted from Portfolio as part of Condé Nast's downsizing last month may be peeved when they learn the magazine is throwing a fancy breakfast to promote itself at '21.' The Nov. 20 nosh - featuring John Cassidy, Matt Cooper and Jesse Eisinger discussing the future of the stock market - comes just weeks after the magazine and its Web site slashed staff by 20 percent, or 32 jobs.

At least 21's not too pricey.