It just might be that celebrities really have changed their ways for our new, hopier President, because they damn sure aren't doing things that will cause them to show up in blind items in the gossip pages. Richard, my colleague who is the heavy favorite for the 2008 PEN Literary Award for Eloquence in Blind Items, will be back on Monday, and the real dirt will surely start back up again by then. For today, all we have is a middle-aged soap opera star banging his producer's daughter, and an extremely vague "actor" who is "rude." Might as well read them, it's Friday: 1) "Yes, I know some of you dislike the soap opera ones, but there are lots that do love them. Today lets go over to NBC. Which married male cast member who has been on the show for a very long time is sleeping with the daughter of the one of the producers? Not a really scandalous thing until you realize she is still in her teens and our cast member is certainly past middle age. At least she is in college now. It was much tougher to get together when she was in high school. I will say that it has always been legal though apparently. Did not start until she was 18." [CDaN] 2) "This actor is going to find out the hard way it doesn’t pay to be rude and disrespectful to your peers. He may be good looking, but his bad attitude and weird behavior is ruining his career." [Blind Gossip]