The Daily Show weighed in on whether it will face a CRISIS OF COMEDY in a new, much more competent Obama Administration. As host Jon Stewart made clear Wednesday night, the show thinks it'll be fine, and as we predicted, the show will hedge its bets with other targets — namely, Fox News and Democrats not named Barack Obama. Here's what Daily Show writer J. R. Havlan said at the New York Comedy Festival, via the Times:

It’s going to be fun watching Fox News rapidly lose their balance. We may have a thing or 200 to say about that...

[Obama's] good at speaking, so he’s less likely to say something stupid. But he’ll have plenty of people around him to take care of that. I mean, it’s going to be a Democratic administration with a Democratically controlled Congress. If anything, we might have to start doing two shows a day.

Those are good targets. Bill O'Reilly just re-upped, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barrels of fun. And the show will remain smart and entertaining. But there's less catharsis in going after small-fry, less incompetent leaders and media figures. Viewers probably won't have as many of those nights where they just need to tune in.

But if the Daily Show does find itself tearing into Obama, they don't have to worry about offending off-kilter 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan, at least:

Q. If an Obama presidency is unsuccessful, will black comedians feel a greater need to stick up for him?
A. Dude, do you think we really care about stuff like that? The black community, we’re just trying to get something to eat tonight, man. More brothers are worrying about where their next meal is coming from. They ain’t worrying about the Dow Jones. I don’t know any dude named Dow Jones.