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• The feud between Al Roker and America's most despicable couple continues. After the Today show canceled an interview with Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Spencer took to Twitter to air his rage: "I thought you were out of town getting your stomache [sic] staped [sic] again... Do you always look like your [sic] about to die?" One thing that's clear here: Spencer should have paid more attention in English class. [Us]
• Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall—who is about to kick off a guest stint on NBC's Community—has been ordered to stay away from his ex, Diana Falzone, a "relationship expert" who writes for the Huffington Post and hosts a show on Sirius. Falzone was granted a restraining order after Hall allegedly broke down her door last week and "bashed her head against a wall." [P6]
• Nicole Richie and Joel Madden secured a restraining order against two paparazzi who Richie says have been harassing her. Is it just us, or are restraining orders becoming all the rage? [TMZ]
• MTV has premiered Beyoncé's new video for "Video Phone" featuring a special guest appearance by Lady Gaga. In a surprising twist, it's Lady Gaga who looks fairly normal and Beyoncé who looks a little freaky. [MTV, NYP]

• Lady Gaga isn't touring with Kanye West, but it certainly hasn't hurt her ticket sales. She's been selling out concert tickets in record time. [NYDN]
• The CW plans to air the final two episodes of The Beautiful Life this summer, at least according to the show's Facebook page. Mischa Barton is supposedly "taking the news to heart" because she "appeared completely in control" with a group of friends at the Standard Hotel the other night, "unlike the mess she looked like over the summer." [NYDN]
• Breaking: Lindsay Lohan goes to a lot of parties. [P6]
• Sarah Palin told Oprah that Levi Johnston's "aspiring porn" is "heartbreaking"and she continues to "pray for Levi." Johnston doesn't seem too concerned, though. He was pretty pumped yesterday when he noticed that Heidi Pratt was following him on Twitter. [MSNBC]
Gossip Girl's Kelly Rutherford is still a little bitter about her divorce. When she overheard a girl tell her boyfriend she wanted him to buy her a Wii, Kelly piped in with some unsolicited advice: "Buy it yourself! It's cheaper than a divorce." [P6]
• Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima and her husband, NBA player Marko Jaric, had a baby girl. Her name is Valentina. [People]
• A reporter showed a picture of Alex Rodriguez as a centaur to Kate Hudson—he supposedly has two centaur paintings of himself—but she just laughed, said, "What is that? That's horrible," and then said it was the "craziest thing" anyone had ever asked her. But she didn't deny it! [Us]
• In other A-Rod news, his ex-wife, Cynthia, has landed a new man. [P6]
• Barron Hilton, Paris's 18-year-old brother, was at a Los Angeles club over the weekend when he spotted the alleged leader of the "Burglar Bunch," Nicholas Prugo. Ever the good brother—his sister was a victim of the bunch—Hilton responded by having a security guard kick him out. [P6]
• Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting into jewelry design. A limited edition collection for Asprey—named "The Protector" because it's inspired by a "protective snake ring" Angie was given while she was pregnant with Shiloh—is going up for sale. Naturally, Brangelina says proceeds will go to a children's charity. [NYDN]
• Chris Brown is still a ladies' man: "I mean, I'm Chris Brown," he said. "I'm not saying it like that, but it's just, like, girls are gonna be around. I love women." You could've fooled us. [People]
• In Jackson family news, Janet is once again blaming Dr. Conrad Murray for her brother's death. And Joe Jackson is appealing a judge's decision to throw out his challenge to Michael's will. [Us, TMZ]
• If you're one of those people still praying for a Friends reunion, it's time to give up the dream. Lisa Kudrow says it "doesn't look like" it's going to happen. [Us]
• The Miss California USA Pageant is planning to poke fun at Carrie Prejean as part of a skit at the pageant this weekend. Oh, and they're still looking for someone to impersonate Carrie, so if you think you fit the bill, do get in touch. [TMZ]