In some prior election year, the behind-the-scenes footage of a president-elect's first moments might have been captured by a photographer for, say, Life, or at least distributed through a glossy magazine like that. It must have been some small comfort to Barack Obama to be able to rely instead on a longtime photographer of his own, David Katz, at such an intimate moment, and at such a tender one, a day after the death of his grandmother. As for distribution? Photography's bridge to the 21st century, Flickr. The campaign's remarkable set of 82 behind-the-scenes pictures includes the one above, of Obama watching McCain concede, and our other favorites, after the jump.

(via Daring Fireball)

Uncle Joe came to visit!

Obama with campaign manager David Plouffe:

Headed to his speech:

Before the speech. Could they look any more proud of their father?

After the speech:

All photos by David Katz, Obama Campaign — click to view full album (you may well end up crying, like a baby, again)