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• Did you catch dethroned beauty queen Carrie Prejean's hissy fit on Larry King Live last night? It was awkward TV at its finest. [TMZ, YouTube]
• Mike Tyson had a meltdown of his own yesterday. When a paparazzo got a little too close for comfort at LAX, Tyson dropped the photog to the floor with one punch to the face. Both men were later arrested. [LAT, NYDN]
• The latest recorded phone call courtesy of Michael Lohan has Dina Lohan telling her ex that "time is running out" for Lindsay and she's started drinking again. As for how LiLo feels about having her dad air the family's dirty laundry: "My father knows nothing other than now to sell stories for money instead of getting a real job like normal people do, including myself." Lindsay is a normal person with a real job? Who'd have guessed? [Radar, MSNBC]
Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone were supposed to get married over the summer. But it never happened and now Martone says the couple's decided to wait until after the holidays to tie the knot. "Who wants to get married during a busy season like this? I don't want my friends having to use their lunch break to get me gifts." How thoughtful! [P6]

• Is Tara Reid engaged to an Internet billionaire? It's possible! [Telegraph]
• After seven years of strained relations, Angelina Jolie and her dad have reconciled so you can stop worrying now. They still don't speak regularly, though, so don't expect to see him on any playdates with her kids. [Us]
• Is Steven Tyler leaving Aerosmith? Is he staying? It's hard to say, especially since he got together with Joe Perry to give an impromptu performance of "Walk This Way" on Tuesday night. [MSNBC]
• Lindsay Price and How I Met Your Mother's Josh Radnor have called it quits. Considering Price's latest show Eastwick was just canceled, too, this isn't shaping up to be a great month for the actress. [Us]
• No one knows if Josh Duhamel cheated on Fergie with a stripper, but his former Las Vegas co-star Molly Sims is now weighing in: "It's absolutely not true," she says. Thanks for sharing. [Us]
• CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz's new girlfriend is a 29-year-old woman named Courtney Richards, who once described her lifestyle as "champagne taste on a beer budget." Good thing Nantz makes $7 million a year. [P6]
• Taylor Swift won four Country Music Awards last night, and she was named Entertainer of the Year. Carrie Underwood is now plotting her revenge, naturally. [MSNBC]
• Designer Emanuel Ungaro is now weighing in on his former company's decision to hire Lindsay Lohan's role as "artistic adviser." Not surprisingly, he called it a "disaster." [People]
• The cast of New Moon was giving press interviews inside London's Dorchester Hotel when the fire alarm went off and Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were forced to evacuate onto the street. Poor things. [E!]
Vanity Fair scribe Dominick Dunne—who died earlier this year from cancer—outs himself in his new autobiographical novel. This might be news if most people didn't know or suspect this already, and if he hadn't told a newspaper in February, "I call myself a closeted bisexual celibate... That's just the way I am." [P6]
• Kiss' Gene Simmons said in June that Adam Lambert coming out would ruin his career. Now Lambert is firing back and tells Rolling Stone that Simmons is "not the greatest singer." Really? Who knew? [Rolling Stone]
America's Next Top Model ratings are down, so naturally Tyra Banks has tapped frenemy Kimora Lee Simmons to serve as a judge next season. "Sources" say that Tyra is bringing her back is designed to prove she can "work well with others." [NYDN]
• Ron Livingston (Sex and the City, Office Space) and Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married) got married earlier this month. [People]
• Jon Gosselin is now claiming in a $5 million lawsuit that TLC violated child labor laws by not obtaining proper permits to film his kids. He also alleges the network took advantage of him and Kate since they didn't have a lawyer present when they negotiated their first contract in 2005. [Us]
• But at least Gosselin was capable at laughing at his ridiculousness in a new Funny or Die video. [People]