Have you heard of Rahm Emanuel? He's just announced that he'll be Barack Obama's new White House enforcer! Or "Chief of Staff" as they call it "inside the Beltway." Rahm only has nine fingers, and there were rumors, once, that he lost the tenth to a Syrian tank while serving in the Israeli Army. That rumor is false—he lost it to a meat slicer—but Rahm's dad did serve the Israeli cause. As a terrorist! Rahm's dad is Benjamin M. Emanuel, a Chicago pediatrician and, in the 1940s, a member of Irgun, the militant Zionist group that attacked Palestinians and the British throughout Palestine. They killed 90 people in a Hotel bombing in 1946 and then there was this little massacre that got out of hand in Deir Yassin. Now Ben, according to the Times, "passed secret codes" for Irgun. We've no clue what that means. But according to the rules of guilt by association, Ben Emanuel is a terrorist and Rahm Emanuel is associated with terrorists and Barack Obama is palling around with terrorist sympathizers, from 40 years ago. This will help, once again, with making The Jews feel comfortable with the secret Muslim Arab as President. Reaching across the aisle!