The job of the White House press secretary is a ridiculous one—DCs most overpaid "journalists" toss out leading questions they know the answer to, the press secretary replies with stonewalling, outright lying, or repetition of talking points, and everyone files the same information-free report—so it's fitting that President-elect Obama's probable pick for the job has extensive experience on the world's most ridiculous cable news network, Fox. During the campaign, Gibbs specialized in neutralizing and befuddling the dimmer bulbs of Fox, like Sean Hannity and the crew of buffoons at Fox & Friends. Want a preview of the theatrical arguments of 2009's White House press briefings? Click through for Gibbs in action. First, Gibbs spins circles around Steve Doocy and Fox's resident morons on the subject of EVIL BILL AYERS:

And, in Gibbs' best performance to date, he confronts Sean Hannity on his willingness to give a soapbox to an antisemitic lunatic in a desperate attempt at a last-minute Obama smear job:

He's well-suited for the job. And we'll be sick of him by March.