So, have you all signed up to feed the homeless, tutor a child, and read to the blind thanks to your lingering Obamamania? No. No you haven't. Instead you sit poised to judge the secret foibles of others, which, let's face it, is the right thing to do, because your clicks translate into solid American jobs in this shaky economy. The true patriots: you. Today in blind items, a celebrity chef who's cheating on his wife, a celebrity who hilariously misunderstands "democracy," and a paranoid singer secretly trailing her man: 1) "Within the past month or so I think I posted about a celebrity chef who was cheating on his wife. The celebrity chef is known to all of you. Would he be A list? Sure. Definitely. Anyway, the update is that I was unsure who he was cheating with. Turns out it is one of his restaurant employees. Not someone who works with him on television or with his books, but a restaurant employee. This could of course be the reason why he is spending so much time at that particular restaurant lately." [CDaN] 2) "Which celebrity showed up at a polling place on Election Day, saw the long line, and demanded that she be allowed to skip to the front? When special accommodations were not made for her, she stormed off in a huff, presumably to another polling place where people would acknowledge her superiority and personally escort her past the unwashed masses into a voting booth big enough to accommodate her inflated ego." [Blind Gossip] 3) "Which freaky singer is so worried her bloke will cheat on her that she's told her family to tail him..." [Mirror UK]