• Is Oprah preparing to leave her syndicated show behind and take her act to OWN, her long-delayed cable network? That's the rumor anyway. [DH]
• The new editor of the Observer is Kyle Pope, formerly of Portfolio. [NYO]
• Cable meets kindergarten: Fox News will stop being mean to MSNBC only if MSNBC first stops being mean to Fox News, reports Rupert Murdoch. [NYT]
Fortune and Time are expected to be hardest hit by layoffs at Time Inc. [NYP]
• Scripps has beat out News Corp. for control of the Travel Channel. [BN]
• Susan Plagemann has been named the new publisher of Vogue. Meanwhile, Tom Florio will now oversee Vogue, Bon Appétit and Traveler. [WWD]
Bloomberg BusinessWeek (or BBW for short) has its new team in place. [NYT]

• Comedy Central and the Onion are teaming up on a half-hour series. [THR]
Annie Leibovitz is close to settling one of the lawsuits against her. [P6]
• Things aren't going so well for Playboy magazine, unsurprisingly. [Wrap]
• Ebay's starting a fashion magazine? Yes, but it's an online magazine. [NYT]
• Efforts to port Spider-Man from screen to stage haven't gone smoothly. [LAT]
• Breaking news: Hollywood has a tad slow in adapting to new media. [THR]