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• Nicole Kidman isn't as vanilla as she looks, apparently. She tells British GQ that she has experimented with "obsession" and "strange sexual fetish stuff," although it's unclear when all this happened. As for her marriage to Keith Urban? It's "a very extraordinary, adventurous place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous." [DM, P6]
• The first of Lindsay Lohan's dramatic calls to her dad Michael has been released, and luckily, it comes accompanied by on-screen subtitles although you may need to shower after. At one point, she tells her dad, "Mommy says that I'm worse than you are," and then, between sobs, manages to ramble on, "No one cares about me. They don't, by the way. It's about how they feel, not how I feel. It's not about me. It's never been about me." Sad. [Radar]
• In happier news, Jeremy Piven is feeling much better now that he's added soy milk to his list of food products he will no longer touch. (You may remember his little run-in with sushi last year.) Piven was chugging 12 cups of soy milk a day, but then he realized it contained estrogen and was responsible for giving him man-boobs. "It was a very confusing time," he says. [Us]

• At an event the other night, Lady Gaga didn't eat because she had another bizarro lace contraption covering her face and she was playing with a Barbie. When she took the stage, she came out with one-liners such as "The House of Gaga is nothing that can be sold" and "I think we must all remember that the ultimate accessory is the condom." Thanks for that, Lady Gaga. [P6]
• Further evidence that Jon Gosselin is the devil: He supposedly orchestrated Hailey Glassman's television appearance where she said he is emotionally abusive so he could make money off of it. And while Jon's new best friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, may have advised him to stay away from Glassman, Jon and Hailey were spotted eating dinner together at a restaurant on the Upper West Side Saturday night. But then he stormed out of an ET interview with Glassman the following day. No, we really have no idea what the hell is going on either. [NYDN, P6, Us]
• Designer Tom Ford dealt with depression after leaving Gucci a few years ago, but now he's better and has gone spiritual. He's not a totally changed man, though. "Just because I've become spiritual doesn't mean I can't love crocodile," he said. [P6]
• Sienna Miller is still dating Brit DJ Slinky Wizard, in case you were wondering, and they were spotted buying vintage underpants in Soho the other day. His real name is George Barker, but clearly that's not nearly as fun to say. [P6]
• Newlyweds Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner spent a romantic weekend at a spa in Connecticut. But is the bloom already off the rose? She forgot to wear her ring to The View on Tuesday. [P6, People]
• Two paparazzi got into a big fight trying to snap pics of Reese Witherspoon as she left the gym. Now Reese is apparently an eyewitness in the investigation. Stars, they're just like us! [TMZ]
Star magazine claims that Kate Bosworth and Coldplay's Chris Martin were fully "making out in front of other people" at an event. His rep says it's "entirely untrue" and things with wife Gwyneth are "more than fine." [Us]
• Frances Bean Cobain was taking Amtrak from Boston to New York the other day, and when the ticket guy told her that her ticket hadn't been paid for, she started getting loud and kept repeating her name. Wait, Frances Bean Cobain takes Amtrak? [P6]
• Gap-toothed Yankee Nick Swisher may be dating Gossip Girl's Joanna Garcia, but he's been flirting up a storm with the ladies lately, too. [NYDN]
Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart supposedly requested to do press separately to promote their new film, New Moon, so they don't fuel the rumor mill that they could possibly, somehow be dating. But there are also reports they spent the night together at the Chateau Marmont recently and were spotted kissing. So basically, nobody has any idea what's going on between them, really. [NYDN, Us]
• The Atlanta stripper who claims she slept with Josh Duhamel continues to stand by her story, saying she has text messages and a polygraph to prove it. (The polygraph tester guy stands by her test, too.) Duhamel continues to say it's not true. [People, Radar]
• Mary Stuart Masterson is the new mother of a baby boy. [Us]
• CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz will have to pay his wife $1 million a year in alimony. [P6]
• Carrie Underwood gave a shout-out to her boyfriend, Ottawa Senator Mike Fisher, in the liner notes of her new album, Play On. Her gushy, exclamation point-filled note read, in part, "I love you so much! You make my life better in every way!...xoxo, Carrie." [People]
• Steve Martin and 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin will host the 82nd Academy Awards on March 7th. Why, exactly, they need two guys is unclear. [MSNBC]