Gavin McInnes, Williamsburg resident, co-founded the ur-hipster mag Vice and now blogs at Street Carnage. A recently-anointed U.S. citizen by way of Canada, he personifies the lackadaisical "who cares" voting attitude that we attribute to young hepcats—although the non-ironic celebrations in Williamsburg last night proved that stereotype all wrong. McInnes, weighing in for all the cynics out there, was happy to let Pop + Politics know why he didn't take the trouble to vote. First reason: he's 38, and voted one time in his native Canada: "It was an empty vote. I wrote nothing in the ballot."And also?

Voting’s lame. I don’t understand why all these people CARE. I get all these emails from friends and people I respect, urging me to vote and to get out for Obama. Those emails embarrass me. They think Obama’s different. They keep talking about “hope” and “change,” but all these politicians act like they’re at a karaoke session... None of them [the politicians] can be trusted.

But we admit he has a bit of a point on these last two things:

The idea that Obama somehow equals equality, the end of war, change and friendship is so childish. It’s the kind of thing people with Liberal Arts degrees talk about who never do their research.

There’s so much insincerity. These people threw “debate parties” to feel educated and involved. I went. You know what happened? They spent the whole time hanging out and drinking wine. No one even watched the debates.

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