Things have been lonely for Anne Hathaway lately, who's found herself on a tough press tour without so much as a glossy thriller or Pope-swindling boyfriend to keep her company. Fortunately, Life & Style reports that Hathaway has found a new beau: actor Adam Shulman, whose sparse IMDb resume includes a multi-episode arc on American Dreams, a role billed just above The Real World's Trishelle in The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, and a job as "Youth Voter #1" on The West Wing (timely!). The mag had this to say about the new couple:

Life & Style recently spotted the happy new couple in New Orleans, where Adam accompanied Anne, 26, to an Oct. 29 screening of her movie at the Canal Place Cinema, then to dessert with pals at local hot spot Patois. At the screening, Adam, unassuming in jeans and Converse sneakers, told Life & Style how he and Anne first met: “We met through mutual friends. I came to support Anne. We’ve never been to New Orleans before — it’s our first time.” At Patois, where the couple sipped white wine and Anne picked off Adam’s plate, the star said things with Adam weren’t perfect at first. “He was actually seeing someone else,” she told the table while resting her hand on Adam’s leg, says a witness. “I thought I was going to have to step back.”

Anne, Anne, Anne. How could you swoop in and do something like that to an innocent party? How dare you pick food off your boyfriend's plate!