• The New York Times Co. reported a $35.6 million loss for the third quarter as ad revenue plunged 30 percent. But it was better than what Wall Street analysts were predicting, so the stock shot up 22 percent today. [NYT]
New York magazine's chief says there are no plans to sell the magazine following last week's death of owner Bruce Wasserstein. [AdAge]
Newsday plans to charge $5 a week to access to its website. [NYT, [E&P]
Fortune is cutting back on the number of issues it publishes. And Time Inc., Fortune's publisher, is planning another round of job cuts. [WSJ]
• On the same day Sarah Palin's memoir is published, the Nation will release Going Rouge, an identical-looking book that mocks the ex-governor. [Politico]
• As if losing billions of family money wasn't enough of a punishment, France says it plans to put Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jr. on trial for insider trading in connection with the 2000 merger of Vivendi and Seagram. [NYP]

• Cable TV: Bravo has ordered up a second season of Top Chef Masters. And Lisa Kudrow's got something new going on over at Showtime. [THR, Variety]
• CNN aired a four-hour documentary about Latinos this week, a fact that might have been appreciated by the Latino community if CNN didn't also employ a racist blowhard by the name of Lou Dobbs. [NYT]
• Levi Johnston has signed a contract to appear in Playgirl. [Gawker]
• One more reason why television news so crappy: Instead of doing what they're supposed to be doing and covering the news, NBC's Chuck Todd and ABC's Jake Tapper have been busy competing in a facial hair contest. [Politico]