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• Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler went to Soho House on a date on Tuesday night. Then again, the duo had to be "chaperoned" by friends including Simpson's BFF/hair stylist Ken Paves, which hardly sounds very romantic, does it? [P6]
• It may be over for the most famous lesbian couple in America, Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter. Rosie acknowledges the two are having "issues" and says they're trying to work things out. But Carpenter may have already moved out of the home they share in Nyack, which probably isn't a good sign. [People]
• Jill Zarin has no manners. When the "Real Housewife" appeared at the opening of "Memphis" on Broadway the other night, she arrived 30 minutes late and with an entourage in tow and disrupted audience members when they moved into their seats. Then she blabbed for 15 minutes during the show. [P6]

• The trial of the two people accused of trying to extort $25 million from John Travolta ended with a mistrial yesterday. [NYDN]
• Is there a surveillance tape making the rounds that features Dave Letterman and a female staffer doing things they weren't supposed to be doing? That's what the National Enquirer is reporting, at least. [NE]
• Former NBA star Reggie Miller has taken out a restraining order against Alex von Furstenberg, who he says may try to hurt him given von Furstenberg believes the baller tried to steal his fiance, Ali Kay. Back in August, von Furstenberg hired a plane to fly over Malibu with a banner reading, "Reggie Miller, stop pursuing married women," and just days ago, Miller said the playboy (and son of Diane von Furstenberg) tried to fight him, followed him in his car, and tried to run him off the road. [P6]
Salman Rushdie is over Broadway actress Pia Glenn. He attended a gala with author Min Lieskovsky the other night, although Lieskovsky has written in the past that she's "addicted to male models," so Rushdie probably shouldn't hold out hope that this relationship is going anywhere. [P6]
• Someone bought 23 bottles of Cristal for Lindsay Lohan's "birthday" and had them paraded around 1Oak at the Angel Ball after-party on Tuesday night. (Another 23 bottles were brought out half an hour later.) The problem? Her birthday is in July. [P6]
• In other Lohan family news, Michael Lohan wrote an open letter to Lindsay, and naturally, he had it published in InTouch magazine. Because that's what all loving, caring fathers do, right? [MSNBC]
• Joel Madden and Nicole Richie haven't tied the knot yet, it seems. [Us]
• Amy Winehouse recently had a boob job, which led her dad, Mitch Winehouse, to tell a British television station that her "boobs are great." And people wonder why Amy is such a mess? [People]
• Remember how Heidi Pratt refused to attend her sister's birthday party on Saturday night because the venue wouldn't pay Heidi an appearance fee? Yea, well, she says it's not true. [Us]
• Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker posed together for a new London Fog advertisement. She's naked. He's not. It's weird. [Daily Mail]
• Bronson Pinchot—yes, the guy who played Balki on Perfect Strangers—is facing off against Tom Cruise. Pinchot said Cruise would make "constant unrelated homophobic comments" back when they filmed Risky Business together. ("It was like, 'It's a nice day, I'm glad there are no gay people standing here,'" Pinchot recalled Cruise saying.) Cruise's rep responded, "This is so far removed from who Tom Cruise is as a person, this must have been said in jest." [PopEater]
• It looks like Demi Moore's age may finally be catching up with her. She sported wrinkles at a book launch party the other day. But Ashton Kutcher still looks like he's 12, though. [NYDN]
• Kevin Federline was looking pretty chunky a few weeks ago? But Celebrity Fit Club must be paying off because he's skinnier already. [The Sun]
Martha Stewart once dated a much younger guy, so she's now considered a "cougar," apparently. [NYDN]
• LaToya Jackson is convinced her brother Michael was murdered, and she believes she's next on the list. Sound the alarms. [MSNBC]
• Yesterday the Web was abuzz with the news that Kanye West had died. He hasn't. He wasn't flying over Colorado in a balloon either. [People]