After Tina Fey's massive exposure as Sarah Palin on pre-election SNL, the season premiere of 30 Rock was given every chance to succeed. That push resulted in the show's highest ratings ever, but the show is far from out of danger: it still finished in third place in its timeslot behind CSI and Grey's Anatomy, and now it has to contend with the dreaded second-episode drop-off. Fey was obviously planning ahead for that, saving an Oprah cameo for tonight. Click for three clips in the preview, including a classic Alec-Tina scene.Last week's premiere shifted all the puzzle pieces from last season back into a more familiar arrangement. In tonight's episode things are back where they should be, including Jack Donaghy knowing how to put down his inferiors as only he knows how to do. While our favorite part of 30 Rock is the ensemble cast that creates porn video games and frustrates Liz Lemon, new viewers may be more interested in the Fey-Baldwin dynamic. And that's what we really love about the show: a boss and employee that actually enjoy working together and insulting each other...together. In tonight's episode, Oprah plays herself running into Liz Lemon on a plane. Two more clips, including a great Tina-Alec scene, follow. Click to view