We had an on the scene report of actor and Hollywood liberal Tim Robbins making a scene at his Manhattan polling place this morning, yelling about "infringing upon his freedom to vote." Then the cops came! What had him so upset? Robbins told City Room, "The issue is that they removed my name from the voting rolls. My name was there for the primaries.” Which is totally unfair, he shouldn't even have to follow the rules because “The poll workers here know me... I’ve been voting here 15 years.” (TMZ has a video of a disgruntled Robbins explaining the indignity of it all.) After filling out an affidavit ballot and visiting the Board of Elections office, he's resigned himself to carrying out his election-monitor duties. According to a stalker, Robbins is "expressing concern to an election official about the old voting machine, shaking hands with a highschool buddies, reading the NYT and texting."