Yahoo has spent millions on consulting fees with Bain & Co. to come up with cost-cutting schemes — bold ones like hiking cafeteria prices. A tipster blames President Sue Decker and CFO Blake Jorgensen for upping his lunch bill by three bucks:

I'm not a Valleywag regular but felt compelled to write after Blake & Sue's latest cost-cutting shenanigans. After filling up my salad box as usual, I head over to the cashier to pay my usual 4.25, a fair price for a smallish-medium salad whose cost is supposedly company subsidised (that's what they told me when I joined a few months ago). Today, however, I had to put my take out box on a scale since Yahoo is charging by weight now. So my 4.25 salad cost me $7.75 (I was an idiot for using the dense ranch dressing). What an excellent way to further kill morale during such trying times at the company. Best of all, Management decided to keep this secret from employees! They could have mentioned it at the all hands but they're spineless bitches who couldn't even take the issue of the cafe head-on. I never thought a management team could be so stupid to strip away these perks that increase productivity when there are many larger costs that can be cut first. After this, it wouldn't be surprising for them to stop offering coffee or charging for the water. Luckily they're not charging people to use the bathroom as the $.50/flush proposal got nixed at the last board meeting (although the proposal may be revisited at any time). Anyway, I just needed to rant because I cannot believe a firm would be so stupid to cut back on perks that improve productivity while wasting money on shit like a Halloween party and a bunch of banners touting the greatness of Yahoo around the Sunnyvale campus (and the door props...gimme a break). Not to mention the killer haloween party. And chauferring Sue in from the North Bay each time she comes in. Gosh this place IS as bad as the stuff you read!