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Goldman Sachs announced plans last week to donate $200 million to charity, a move designed to quell criticism over the firm's massive profits (and the massive bonuses that will soon handed out to the bank's employees). The donation isn't a gigantic sum for the investment bank—Goldman makes $200 million every three days or so—but it's a big step up from last year when the largest of the Goldman-affiliated foundations gave out about $12 million. So which non-profit groups stand to benefit the most from the firm's increased largesse? The institutions that Goldman wrote checks to last year runs about 25 pages. (You're welcome to go through it yourself; it's embedded below.) We focused on the dozens of elite private schools and fancy boarding schools that made the cut, a list you can review after the jump. But before you go out and start piecing together a conspiracy theory, we'll point out that the school that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein's two sons (and his wife) attended wasn't anywhere close to the top. (Ethical Culture/Fieldston received a measly $10,000.) And as for Dalton, which is pictured above, it didn't get a dime.

Here's the list. Just so you know, though, it excludes donations to private schools in other cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco:

Rumson Country Day School

Lawrenceville School

Grace Church School

Greenwich Country Day

Little Red School House/Elisabeth Irwin

Friends Seminary

Horace Mann

Choate Rosemary Hall

Lycee Francais

Fordham Prep

Hackley School

Sacred Heart


Trevor Day School

Solomon Schechter


Chelsea Day School


Ethical Culture/Fieldston

Saint David's