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ABC announced last month that Diane Sawyer would depart Good Morning America at the end of the year to replace Charles Gibson as anchor of ABC's World News. Now we hear that the morning show's co-anchor, Chris Cuomo, is leaving the program as well. According to a well-placed source, Cuomo plans to move over to 20/20, taking over for John Stossel who left ABC in September to join Fox News and Fox Business.

Cuomo's departure is believed to be partly due to the fact that Sawyer is leaving. Cuomo has been close to Sawyer since arriving at ABC in 1999, and reportedly views her as something of a mentor at the network. But another factor may be that Cuomo's wife, Cristina, is expecting the couple's third child in a few months and working on a weekly newsmagazine like 20/20 is considerably less grueling than waking up at three o'clock in the morning five days a week to co-anchor GMA. And while the move isn't a huge leap for the hunky newsman—he's contributed to numerous 20/20 stories in the past—it does mean that execs at ABC News, who are still debating who will replace Sawyer on Good Morning America, will now have two positions to fill, instead of just one.

We called a ABC News spokesperson to confirm Cuomo's move to 20/20. She declined to comment.

Update: A Good Morning America spokesperson has responded: "There are no changes expected right now at GMA, and no decision has been made as to who is going to be taking Diane's place on the program." She declined to answer any further questions.

— Molly Fahner