Democrats must be particularly anxious today after eight years of Bush. Tim Robbins, actor-director, partner of Susan Sarandon, and a poster child of Hollywood liberalism, was edgier than normal as he waited to cast his vote this morning. Writes in a tipster, who sadly didn't have a cameraphone: "My friend is waiting to vote at the YMCA on 14th between 6th and 7th... Tim Robbins is making a scene, apparently yelling at some dude. And now the police were called and arrived about 10 minutes ago..." What was that all about?

A guy who was volunteering at the polling place asked Tim to move so they could make more room in the polling space and let more voters in. Apparently, Tim had been sitting inside the voting area for some time. Tim completely flipped out on the guy and accused him of trying to intimidate him by asking him to move, thus "infringing upon his freedom to vote," and then he demanded to speak to the highest level of management in the Election Board. The volunteer was beside himself, because here was this celeb-loon going off on him. The volunteer left and after about 5 mins the cops showed. At that point I had cast my ballot and had to vacate the premises."