There's a limited number of ways you can make "election day" a front page, above the fold headline. Because, you know, nothing will be "news" until tomorrow. So you can "report," as many papers do, that people will choose someone (YOU DECIDE, YOU CHOOSE, IT'S UP TO YOU), today, with a big splash featuring both candidates' headshots. You can try to make some actual "news," as the Times and the Wall Street Journal do with stories on how historic everything is and what the winner will inherit. You can report on all the boring campaigning of yesterday, or predict electoral chaos, or, as the New York Post admirably did, just pretend there isn't even an old white Republican in this race. The papers in the attached image chose almost exactly as you might predict. A couple papers across the world went a different direction.

The DC Examiner, Washington's right-leaning free daily, leads with the Washington Redskins embarrassing loss last night to the Steelers. Their sister paper, the San Francisco Examiner, has an even better local story on how the city needs more quarters for its parking meters. And Q'hubo, in Medellin, Colombia, went with a Chupacabra attack. Which is awesome.