Today is election day, and the patriots among you should all be standing in long, demoralizing lines at polling centers right now, rather than reading tawdry celebrity gossip. But we're here to serve you, much like the Republican party. Yesterday you guessed that the starlet who couldn't stand her fake boyfriend was Blake Lively, and the socialite's sister banging an OJ witness was maybe one of the Kardashians. Only Jesus knows for sure! Today, an action hero actor's secret man-date for Halloween, a celebrity couple in trouble, and Borat be banging beau coup broads: 1) "Our B list actor who used to be an A list action hero was at a party with someone everyone assumed to be his girlfriend. His girlfriend is somewhat, but not overly famous, but this person was wearing a Sue Storm from Fantastic Four mask so no one could tell. Throughout the night the pair spent more and more time groping and kissing in a corner and on a couch and less time mingling. It was during one of these makeout groping sessions later in the evening that the mask slipped off the woman and it was discovered our action star was with another guy." [CDaN] 2) "Which presenter has requested a lock on his dressing room door so that runners stop walking in on him having sexy time with a string of ladies..." [Mirror] 3) "They have been together for several years, and enjoy the prestige and perks that come from being part of a famous couple. The only problem is that they can’t stand each other. They essentially lead separate lives, but are photographed together at red carpet events to allay suspicions, and to allow each of them to continue to command top dollar for their respective projects. However, she doesn’t know that he is sleeping with one of her closest friends." [Blind Gossip]